Theatre of the oppressed:Watch, think, act and react.


We have all been spectators of theatre that tells a story. But, a year ago, I experienced something different. This was a theatre of a different kind. The kind that urged me to take an initiative. It was time to pull up my socks and get up from the chair of a spectator and become a spec-actor. This is theatre of the oppressed–where you co-create knowledge and come together to help bring about a change in the society.

Ravi Ramaswamy, a trustee of Centre for Community Dialogue and Change explains what this interactive theatre is all about.He has been a Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner and trainer for the last 5 years and has conducted workshops across the country.
The plays are based on real life situations, and are open to the audience to participate and alter the tentative script of the play according to what they think is right. It is in a way, a technique to make oneself aware of their own feelings and help them tackle real life issues by reacting to it appropriately. It is the theatre of and for all, the ones who have faced oppression, have witnessed it and the ones who have been the oppressor.

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